Foreign Aces

Paul Crockett (Voice of Beyond Wrestling), "The Choice" Christopher Cornwell Boyce, and Matt Camp (Host of Busted Open/Voice of House of Hardcore) primarily cover NJPW from both the industry and fan perspective. The absurdity of fantasy booking is a regular topic, as the guys will often work your favorite WCW Monday Nitro midcarders into current storylines. From time to time, the show will include interviews with some biggest and fast-rising stars in the world. Names like Keith Lee, War Machine/Raiders, Switchblade Jay White, Rocky Romero, Roppongi 3K, and Chase Owens have appeared on past shows. You'll also get plenty of coverage of ROH, WWE NXT, and promotions from around the world. If you listen closely, you might even catch a hint or two about major news in the wrestling world with both Crockett and Camp having plenty of connections.

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    Time Splitting Around the World

    The guys are back together to give their thoughts on the AEW rally. They go over the announced roster, how everything was presented, and who else they'd like to see get added to the company. Plus, they address the TV rumors and how that could affect money offered and who that could attract. New Year's Dash didn't have any big surprises, yet some title matches are set up, including TAICHI challenging for the IC Title. This leads to the guys talking about KUSHIDA's exit from NJPW and how baffling it is that his going-away match is vs Tanahashi. Also, find out how SANADA leads us to Gwen Stefani. Wait, what?

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    Wrestle Kingdom 13 Post-Game Show

    The guys are back together for an immediate reaction to Wrestle Kingdom 13. They discuss the speed of the show, how it affected the early matches, and why the results still made sense. The show clearly picked up over the last three matches, including the appearances of Jay White and Okada. Jericho/Naito was another example of a proper blow-off, but was it better than expected? The main event's result was in question, yet a return to glory seemed to make sense. Who is the next challenger and what will we learn at New Year's Dash?

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    The Wrestle Kingdom 13 Hotline

    With The Choice preparing for his Tokyo Dome debut, Camp and Crockett take you through the Wrestle Kingdom 13 card including a debate on Ospreay/Ibushi opening the show. They also discuss the buzz on the show and how it will be received to both hardcore and casual fans. The guys talk about the passing of Mean Gene with some examples of how great he was and some fun promos featuring Meng and...Natural Born Thrillaz?! Of course, we get a lot more on All Elite Wrestling and what could be coming in the next week and in the future.

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    The Stone Pitbull Awards

    The Choice is preparing for his role as the CHAOS mole, so Camp and Crockett take you through the year-end awards including best match (NJPW and non-NJPW), wrestler of the year, tag team of the year, show of the year, most underappreciated star, breakout star, and moment of the year. They also talk about the creative process in NJPW vs WWE vs NXT and how organic means everything. Plus, Tanahashi's thoughts on how his alliance with Okada was handled, THE FUCKING BOMB is a champion, and much more. We'll be back next week a day earlier for our WrestleKingdom show and very likely lots of big, ELITE news to discuss,.

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    The Ibushi-Ospreay Moment

    The boys are back to discuss their live take on ROH Final Battle, the Golden Lovers vs Tanahashi & Ospreay match which included THE MOMENT! Plus, the teams in the NEVER Gauntlet, where do Chase Owens & Yujiro Takahashi go next, and which WCW superstar does Brandi Rhodes most reflect? All that and more on this edition!

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    The Polar Ice Cats

    We have World Tag League Champs....and it doesn't matter. Lots of fallout both expected and unexpected from the World Tag League finals show, including Makabe and Yano back together. Will Ospreay took another step towards the heavyweight division by having a great match with...Taichi? It wasn't a memorable match, but we have takeaways from the eight-man tag featuring the Young Bucks, Marty Scurll, and Kenny Omega. If you were looking for the teams for the NEVER OPENWEIGHT SIX-MAN TAG TEAM TITLES #1 CONTENDERSHIP GAUNTLET WORLD WAR 6 INTERGENDER CHALLENGE, we have you covered. It's a program!

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    NXT: Alaska

    The guys talk about the life of Dynamite Kid (the good and the bad), which quickly morphs into a discussion of who best represents current tag team wrestling. That leads to the obligatory World Tag League update including predictions both real and fantastical. We appear to be on a (literal) crash course to Ibushi vs Ospreay at the Dome, but what if Ospreay isn't ready? What if Ibushi needs someone to fight the evil out of him? Suzuki-Gun. ICHIBAN. After we hinted about it months ago, there appears to be legs to the KUSHIDA to WWE rumors, so the guys try to book NXT Japan. This show is a bit off the rails, so hopefully you enjoy it.

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    BONUS EPISODE - "Das Wunderkind" Alex Wright (from 2017)

    From October 2017, Paul Crockett chats with "Das Wunderkind" Alex Wright about growing up in the wrestling business, his time in World Championship Wrestling (including being ribbed by Malenko & Guerrero), why he chose not to go with WWE, competing in the 1995 Best of the Super Junior Tournament and his current wrestling school (The Wright Stuff) and promotion (New European Championship Wrestling)!

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    The All Elite Draft

    The boys are back together to try to figure out the World Tag League and how to make it entertaining. You may have missed it, but New Japan tossed away Okada and Tanahashi tagging together for the first time. Should that have been saved for more? It appears NJPW is focusing on European expansion and getting TV deals. That could be a better focus than America, which leads us to the NXT UK deals and who is allowed to work where. Finally, we have our All Elite Wrestling Fantasy Draft! Five rounds of unsigned talent who should join AEW.

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    All Ace Wrestling

    With The Choice preparing for his WrestleMania weekend match with Nick Gage, Camp and Crockett talk All Elite Wrestling, the World Tag League, Goto/Ibushi, and what should be Ibushi/Ospreay at the dome. How viable is a new promotion in 2019? Would New Japan have any working relationship and does NJPW need The Elite or vice versa? The wrestling scene will look a lot different in 2019, so the guys talk about how things will change and if NXT: Insert Country Here will be the replacement for the independents in five years.

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